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The Modern College, Porompat was established on 8th August 1963 by local intellectuals, social workers and the people of the locality sensing the dire need of an institution which will provide Higher education to the aspiring and deserving youths living at the periphery of the Imphal town. Being one of the oldest colleges, endowed with a generous campus of 15 acres, has the potential to inculcate all round development of the students for a better society. Through good times and bad time, the college has been imparting quality education for the last few decades and nurturing the young minds for a brighter tomorrow. Therefore, mention may be made that, establishing this higher learning institution has been a boon to the locality and a step towards nation building.

Though the college is located in the heart of Imphal about 70% of the students are from far flung hill remote areas and from weaker section of the society. The composition of the students in the college is from diverse background and different ethnicities. The college, taking notice of the social makeup of the students plays a vital role in bringing about social harmony and cohesiveness in the diverse culture ethnics habitat the state and practice their own culture and traditions, it is of utmost importance to instill the practice of respect for each other’s’ traditions to bring about an atmosphere where all cultural & religious practices prevail in perfect harmony.

Making advantage of this diverse background of the students, the college is involving further to advance its agenda of harboring communal harmony. The college feels the need of the hour in the state at this turmoil juncture is to promote social harmony amongst the various communities residing in the State. Manipur is a mini-India in its demographic makeup. To bring about and prevail communal harmony amongst the students, in the annual cultural & literary meet, Freshers’ Social Meet and farewells the students are encouraged to adorn their traditional costume to showcase their ethnic background and get to know each other. It has really helped them to bond and respect each other’s traditions. It is heartwarming to experience the wholesome camaraderie and bonhomie in the campus atmosphere.

To encourage the less privileged groups of the society and the minorities The Modern College Merit Award Trust also instituted 3 awards namely.: -

  1. 1Modern College Best Schedule Tribe Graduate in Science.
  2. Modern College Best Schedule Tribe Graduate in Arts.
  3. Modern College Best Manipuri Muslim Graduate.

The three awards are sponsored by one of the faculty of the English Department. The main reason for instituting these awards is to recognize and honor the good students from the less privileged section of the society.

The college excels in various field and is known for various constructive activities. However, the most distinctive and priority the college emphasizes is creating conducive environment for living in peace and harmony. Manipur is a state comprising of multi ethnic religious groups, hence there is always clash of interest. Each and every ethnic community like to assert and preserve its interest and identity hence communal tension, suspicion of one another frequently occurs. In such difficult situation we feel that an institution particularly in college level we can build a sense of “Unity in diversity”. Fortunately, Modern College comprises of all ethnic community including teaching, non-teaching staff as well as student. In fact, about 60% of the students are hill tribals. In the last 6 decades of its existence imparting higher education, the college has no history of communal clash and tension among the students. Truly, the institute believes in peace and harmony as such a conducive environment for learning prevails. Hence, the college is a great example of unity in diversity where students and teachers belonging to different cultures and religions share a common platform to understand each other’s cultural and religious beliefs which in turn fosters the feeling of mutual trust and harmony.